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Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1605
Bulletins - November 18, 2008

Gas OPEC gathers steam;
Dissension in the military ranks

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1604
Bulletins - November 15, 2008

Desperately seeking a financial fix;
Russia's beleaguered liberals band together

China Reform Monitor - No. 723
Bulletins - November 14, 2008

A challenge to Jiang's legacy;
Defection highlights corruption problem

The Presidential Test Has Begun
Articles - November 13, 2008

During the presidential campaign Vice President-elect Joe Biden predicted, "It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy." This wasn't just another gratuitous allusion to the impending Camelot 2.0, but an apt comparison. A new, young president is a standing temptation to foreign powers seeking to find his limits.

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1603
Bulletins - November 6, 2008

An early test for Obama;
Putin for president once again?

China Reform Monitor - No. 721
Bulletins - November 5, 2008

China-Russia border disputes "closed";
Pakistan seeks its own nuclear deal with China

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1602
Bulletins - November 1, 2008

New energy links to China;
Qadhafi comes calling

Missile Defense Briefing Report - No. 249
Bulletins - October 31, 2008

Washington plans for new nuclear deal with Russia...; Moscow rejects missile defense talks...; ...and arms its allies; The "third site" in stasis; Israeli sea-based defenses come online

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1601
Bulletins - October 24, 2008

Moscow blocks Google push into Russian market;
Ukraine closes door on Russian Black Fleet lease extension

Chill Wind Blows Over Claims To Arctic Lands
Articles - October 22, 2008

Give the Kremlin credit for ambition. Just weeks after its invasion of Georgia ignited a major conflict in the Caucasus and dramatically altered the status quo in the 'post-Soviet space', the Russian government appears to have set its sights on another strategic prize.