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Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2081
Bulletins - August 1, 2016

Russian soft power comes to Germany;
Dim hopes for the Duma

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2080
Bulletins - July 29, 2016

American diplomats targeted for harassment... or worse;
Russia's problematic "Wahhabi count"

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2079
Bulletins - July 28, 2016

Russia's secret space base;
Tightening the counterterrorism noose

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2078
Bulletins - July 20, 2016

Russia's growing soft power clout;
Putin's political bank, on the skids

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2077
Bulletins - July 15, 2016

The human cost of the Crimean takeover;
An exodus of intellectual capital

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2076
Bulletins - July 14, 2016

Russia's bridge to nowhere;
Playing fast and loose with New START

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2075
Bulletins - July 6, 2016

Russia's secret nuclear city;
New bases... and military mobilization


Ukraine's New Guard
Articles - July 6, 2016

You could say that Serhiy Kvit is a man on a mission. The soft-spoken 50-year-old former journalist may no longer be Ukraine's minister of education and science, having stepped down from that post back in April as part of a governmental reshuffle that accompanied the resignation of controversial Prime Minister Arsenii Yatsenyuk. But he nonetheless remains at the forefront of the fight for the intellectual future of his country. 

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2074
Bulletins - July 5, 2016

How Russians see the world;
An escalation in Syria?

China Reform Monitor - No. 1228
Bulletins - July 5, 2016

South Korean and Chinese fishermen clash;
Russia: no S-400s to China before 2018