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Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1658
Bulletins - January 21, 2010

Russia and cybersecurity: ally or adversary?;
Soviet nostalgia runs deep

China Reform Monitor - No. 796
Bulletins - December 14, 2009

China, India continue military buildup along border; Vietnam seeking multilateral forum for South China Sea dispute

China Reform Monitor - No. 794
Bulletins - December 3, 2009

Beijing's "Great Firewall" stifling China's netizens; Washington neutral on South China Sea spat

China Reform Monitor - No. 791
Bulletins - November 16, 2009

Beijing finds environmental policies ignored; Anti-corruption drive catches another leader in its net

No Substitute For Substance
Articles - November 9, 2009

The primary purpose of U.S. public diplomacy is to explain, promote, and defend American principles to audiences abroad. This objective goes well beyond the public affairs function of presenting and explaining the specific policies of various administrations. Policies and administrations change; principles do not, so long as the United States remains true to itself. Public diplomacy has a particularly vital mission during war, when the peoples of other countries, whether adversaries or allies, need to know why we fight. After all, it is a conflict of ideas that is behind the shooting wars, and it is that conflict which must be won to achieve any lasting success.

China Reform Monitor - No. 785
Bulletins - October 12, 2009

China, neighbors harden claims to Spratleys; CCP bugging cabs in Beijing

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1645
Bulletins - September 16, 2009

Russia's version of net-centric warfare;
"Root causes" in the Caucasus

China Reform Monitor - No. 779
Bulletins - September 3, 2009

China signs blockbuster gas deal with Australia; Beijing warns lawyers not to handle Xinjiang cases

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 93
Bulletins - August 14, 2009

Defiant in Tehran; How Iran sees energy sanctions; A legal offensive

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 92
Bulletins - July 24, 2009

SPECIAL ISSUE: The Islamic Republic Strikes Back