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Eurasia Security Watch - No. 192
Bulletins - December 16, 2008

Hajj row raises Saudi-Hamas tensions; Jones plan for West Bank gets cold reception; Turkey, EU spar over membership; Media crackdown in Baku and Bishkek

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 83
Bulletins - December 5, 2008

An Internet offensive; Iran's new naval base; If you can't beat them, join them; Iran's inexorable march toward the bomb

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1609
Bulletins - December 4, 2008

Russia's corrupt military;
Back to business as usual with Europe, NATO

China Reform Monitor - No. 721
Bulletins - November 5, 2008

China-Russia border disputes "closed";
Pakistan seeks its own nuclear deal with China

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 187
Bulletins - October 15, 2008

Damascus tightens Internet controls; Russian advances in Central Asia...; ...and the Gulf; Syrian-Saudi cold war continues

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 79
Bulletins - October 3, 2008

 An economic house of cards; A digital window of opportunity; Back to Iraq

China Reform Monitor - No. 709
Bulletins - August 12, 2008

Greater press freedom for Olympics doesn't reach Internet;
Taiwan still eyeing massive arms purchase

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1578
Bulletins - July 27, 2008

Another business leader in the Kremlin's crosshairs;
For the second time this month, Russia resorts to cyber-attacks

China Reform Monitor - No. 761
Bulletins - May 18, 2008

China-Russia trade collapses in first quarter; Light shines on Beijing's plans

Taking On Tehran: Strategies For Confronting The Islamic Republic
Books - March 2007

Taking on Tehran provides concrete solutions to the emerging Iranian global threat. With contributions from leading analysts and practitioners, Taking on Tehran examines the various approaches - economic, political and military - that can be taken by the United States and its allies to confront and defeat the contemporary challenge posed by the Islamic Republic. It offers practical, achievable guidance to policymakers and unique insight for students into how foreign policy is really made.