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Winning The Long War: Retaking The Offensive Against Radical Islam
Books - July 2009

Winning the Long War is a trenchant examination of the past seven years of the Global War on Terror, the future battlegrounds that will confront the United States in the struggle against radical Islam in the years ahead, and how America can reclaim the initiative in what has become the defining struggle of the twenty-first century.

China Reform Monitor - No. 767
Bulletins - June 24, 2009

New censorship software to be included in all Chinese PCs; Beijing reforms stale "petition system"

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1631
Bulletins - May 22, 2009

Moscow-Baghdad ties on the mend;
Russians blame the Kremlin for economic malaise

China Reform Monitor - No. 759
Bulletins - May 6, 2009

Chinese progress on Beidou satellite system; Moscow and Beijing closing the gap on Jiangsu pipeline

China Reform Monitor - No. 758
Bulletins - May 1, 2009

Beijing works to make Asia world's "largest free trade area"; China outlines future plans for PLA Navy

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 89
Bulletins - April 21, 2009

SPECIAL ISSUE: Iran versus the Internet

China Reform Monitor - No. 756
Bulletins - April 21, 2009

New restrictions for online content; Beijing reveals landmark health care initiative

China Reform Monitor - No. 755
Bulletins - April 14, 2009

Ex-pres Chen on trial in Taipei; UK: Chinese tech firm can compromise comm. network

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1620
Bulletins - February 25, 2009

Kyrgyzstan in the (cyber) crosshairs; Immigration reform, Russian style

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 192
Bulletins - December 16, 2008

Hajj row raises Saudi-Hamas tensions; Jones plan for West Bank gets cold reception; Turkey, EU spar over membership; Media crackdown in Baku and Bishkek