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Missile Defense Briefing Report - No. 288
Bulletins - August 24, 2011

Moscow strengthens missile shield; Mapping the Musudan; Keeping up with the (nuclear) Joneses; Turkey: the weak link for NATO defenses?; Rethinking the INF Treaty

Missile Defense Briefing Report - No. 282
Bulletins - March 28, 2011

Russian missiles for Syria (and Hezbollah?); Iron Dome comes online; S-300 reinforces Russian claims to the Kurils; U.S. missile shield sets sail; Israeli defenses against the DPRK

Missile Defense Briefing Report - No. 280
Bulletins - January 26, 2011

A new end to New START; Seoul eyes longer range strikes; Romania's quest for a missile defense role; A critical hurdle for India's missile shield; Taiwan's failed attempt at deterrence

China Reform Monitor - No. 833
Bulletins - June 25, 2010


Beijing audits new rural medical system; China grapples with syphilis epidemic

Slouching Toward A New Korea Strategy
Articles - June 2, 2010

North Korea's brazen, unprovoked torpedoing of a South Korean warship last month has refocused international attention - and criticism - on the Stalinist regime situated above the 38th Parallel. Beyond the public outrage now coming from Washington, however, it's painfully clear that the White House doesn't possess much by way of a coherent approach toward the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) or its "Dear Leader," Kim Jong-il.

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 222
Bulletins - May 21, 2010

Another step forward for Nabucco; North Korea arms bound for more than Iran?; Turkey deal on Iran sanctions -- breakthrough or delay tactic?; Turkmen leader endorses new party; Political gridlock in Baghdad

Obama's Nuke Strategy: Do The Rogues Really Care About "Engagement"?
Articles - April 12, 2010

At the heart of President Obama's nuclear weapons policy lies a key assumption - that Iran, North Korea and other "rogue" states are susceptible to threats of isolation and tempted by global acceptance.
He may be right - and I hope he is - but history offers compelling evidence to the contrary.

China Reform Monitor - No. 815
Bulletins - April 2, 2010

Beijing reins in media outlets and NGOs...; ... and mulls education reform

Obama Needs To Rethink Pyongyang
Articles - October 26, 2009

The problem of North Korea has bedeviled policy makers in Washington for years. The notoriously opaque Stalinist state that sits above the 38th Parallel represents one of the world’s most intractable security dilemmas. Starting this spring, however, the challenge posed by Pyongyang has grown more acute. The defiant series of nuclear and ballistic tests carried out by Kim Jong Il in May has brought into sharp focus the growing threat posed by the North’s strategic arsenal—and precipitated a frenzy of international activity in response.

China Reform Monitor - No. 785
Bulletins - October 12, 2009

China, neighbors harden claims to Spratleys; CCP bugging cabs in Beijing