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South Asia Security Monitor - No. 214
Bulletins - May 12, 2008

Tokyo takes another look at defense policy;
Indian analyst: China "redefining warfare"

South Asia Security Monitor - No. 205
Bulletins - December 27, 2007

North Korea's terror ties exposed;
Emergency rule ends in Pakistan

South Asia Security Monitor - No. 204
Bulletins - December 11, 2007

Inching toward peace in the Philippines;
New Australian premier wants out of Iraq

South Asia Security Monitor - No. 203
Bulletins - December 5, 2007

Militants take to the airwaves in Pakistan;
Foreign fighters creep into Kashmir

South Asia Security Monitor - No. 202
Bulletins - November 21, 2007

DPRK denies nukes to Syria;
Foreigners flock to Afghanistan

South Asia Security Monitor - No. 201
Bulletins - November 2, 2007

An Islamic constitution for Afghanistan?;
Burma back as a narco-state

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 156
Bulletins - August 9, 2007

The "axis" victorious?; A new competitor for Muslim "hearts and minds;" In Jerusalem, another vote of no confidence; Toward a new Central Asian definition of terrorism...

Coping With North Korea: The Start of a Strategy
Articles - March 5, 2003

Even as it girds for war in the Persian Gulf, the Bush Administration faces a major challenge in East Asia – that of a nuclear North Korea. The conflict emerged quite suddenly. Back in October, Pyongyang stunned the White House with its unexpected admission of an active clandestine nuclear program.  The disclosure was followed, in rapid succession, by the DPRK’s December decision to restart its Yongbyon nuclear facility and expel International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors.  A month later, North Korea abruptly withdrew from the 1968 Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and rolled back its self-imposed 1999 moratorium on missile testing.  Together, these moves have presented Washington with an unprecedented – and escalating – problem on the Korean Peninsula.