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The Long Game on the Silk Road: US and EU Strategy for Central Asia and the Caucasus
Books - March 2018

This book argues that American and European policies toward Central Asia and the Caucasus suffer from both conceptual and structural impediments.

If the US does not act, the Caucasus will be under Russian control
Articles - December 11, 2017

Since the Black Sea and its littorals have become contested zones between Russia and the West, it behooves us to think cogently about U.S. interests in the equally important Caucasus and how to defend them. Our vital interests are the same as the 1990s, even taking into account major changes in the regional and global strategic environment. We want these states to remain independent, enjoy real sovereignty within their treaty-defined borders, remain at peace with each other and be open to international economic markets.

The Raucous Caucasus
Articles - May 2, 2017

The news from the Caucasus that reaches the United States these days is mainly bad news. We hear reports of widespread corruption, human rights violations, or clashes between warring nations. In the case of the Russian North Caucasus, jihadi terrorists fight regional governments run by pro-Russian thugs. Why, then, should such a small sliver of territory, with perhaps 20 million people, deserve treatment in a net assessment survey? The answer is that the importance of the Caucasus has never lain in its numbers or size, but rather in its role as a geographic, cultural, and geopolitical crossroads. As in the days of the Mongols or Tamerlane, or of the rivalries between the Czarist, Ottoman, and Safavid empires, so today the Caucasus is a meeting point, a bridge or a barrier, between east and west and north and south - between Europe and Asia, and between Russia and the Middle East. 

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 343
Bulletins - July 31, 2015


Explosion kills 27 at southern Turkish border town;
France delivers fighter jets to Egypt;
ISIS uses chemical weapons against Kurdish forces;
Yemen death toll from rebel shelling nearly 100
U.S. warns Kyrgyzstan that strained ties threaten aid



Missile Defense Briefing Report - No. 320
Bulletins - January 17, 2014

Missiles in Kaliningrad raise tension with NATO;
An Israeli honor for an American missile defense champion;
Another step forward for Israeli defense

Implosion: The End of Russia and What It Means for America
Books - September 2013

Today, Putin’s Russia is fast approaching a social and political crisis—one that promises to be every bit as profound as the fall of the USSR. Author Ilan Berman tackles the crisis that has Russia on the fast track to ruin, and the grave danger Russian collapse poses to America’s security, in his new book, Implosion.

What Are The Roots Of Tsarnaev's Murder Spree?
Articles - April 21, 2013

The apprehension of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev ends a five day reign of terror in the Boston area. Taking him alive allows authorities the opportunity to find answers to critical questions surrounding the deadly April 15 Boston marathon bombing. Most important of this is, why did Dzhokhar and his brother Tamarlan allegedly do it?

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 281
Bulletins - March 22, 2013

Egypt rejects IMF loan;
Zawahiri's brother wants a salafist Egypt;
Chechen jihadists flock to Syria

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 275
Bulletins - January 9, 2013
Eurasia Security Watch - No. 266
Bulletins - September 26, 2012


US Should Forcefully Encourage Free Elections In Georgia
Articles - July 26, 2012

Freedom and democracy don't come easily to a land that's known precious little of it over time. Often, a nation overthrows an authoritarian government and replaces it with a democratically elected one, only to see the new government subvert the rule of law and impose a new authoritarianism.

Suu Kyi's Timely Reminder
Articles - June 20, 2012

Delivering her Nobel Lecture after a 21-year delay, Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi offered a timely reminder from the front lines of struggle.

“To be forgotten,” she said in her October 16th address in Oslo, “… is to die a little. It is to lose some of the links that anchor us to the rest of humanity. When I met Burmese migrant workers and refugees during my recent visit to Thailand, many cried out, ‘Don’t forget us!’ They meant: ‘Don’t forget our plight, don’t forget to do what you can to help us, don’t forget we also belong to your world.’

Karabakh: 'frozen' conflict nears melting point
Articles - May 14, 2012

Amid signs that Armenia and Azerbaijan may once more be edging towards armed conflict over the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, Wayne Merry argues that the West needs to act fast, rather than allow an old and fruitless mediation process to meander on.

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1770
Bulletins - March 26, 2012

Putin's vision for Russian foreign policy;

Moscow, Tbilisi head for a thaw
Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1766
Bulletins - February 28, 2012

 The fix is in for Yavlinsky;

A thaw between Moscow and Tokyo
Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1763
Bulletins - February 20, 2012

 Tensions simmer in Transdniester;

Russia's election chief under fire
Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1761
Bulletins - February 3, 2012

 Delayed state culpability in Dubrovka tragedy;

On his way out, Medvedev proffers reforms
Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1753
Bulletins - December 14, 2011

 Russia, the international lender?;

Finally, WTO membership within reach
Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1745
Bulletins - September 26, 2011

 Progress in Politkovskaya Case;

Rosneft, Exxon in major partnership deal
Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1743
Bulletins - August 31, 2011

Interior Ministry eyes new Internet curbs;
Putin and company: popular at home, but not abroad

Missile Defense Briefing Report - No. 285
Bulletins - May 28, 2011

 Russia eyes space defense...; ...And throws down the gauntlet on European BMD; More fuel for iron dome; Japan considers easing barriers to BMD export; Moscow versus American missile defense

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1709
Bulletins - January 12, 2011

China "cloning" Russian arms;
New investigations committee: back to the NKVD?

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1690
Bulletins - September 17, 2010

Flashpoint: Abkhazia;
A demotion for Kadyrov

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 225
Bulletins - July 29, 2010

Iron Dome ready in November; Saudi legal reform takes a step forward; Iran's hand in Iraq highlighted by U.S. general; France "at war" with AQIM; Turkey gives boost to Azeri enclave

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1672
Bulletins - June 2, 2010

Ukraine, Georgia off NATO's agenda;
Putin, Medvedev split on Soviet legacy

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 221
Bulletins - April 28, 2010

Kyrgyzstan erupts; Scuds to Hezbollah a game-changer; Georgia seizes HEU... again; Iran and UAE spar over Gulf islands

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 220
Bulletins - April 15, 2010
Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1661
Bulletins - March 2, 2010

One step forward, one step back in Chechnya;
Repopulating the Far East


Eurasia Security Watch - No. 214
Bulletins - December 21, 2009


Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1653
Bulletins - November 19, 2009

Russia on a nuclear hair trigger;
The CSTO comes of age

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1650
Bulletins - October 20, 2009

Prime Minister Medvedev?;
Still planning for a NATO invasion

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1648
Bulletins - October 8, 2009

The deepening Russo-Venezuelan relationship;
A missile defense victory for Moscow

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1647
Bulletins - October 5, 2009

Russian-Iraqi relations inch toward normalcy;
Moscow's power play

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1645
Bulletins - September 16, 2009

Russia's version of net-centric warfare;
"Root causes" in the Caucasus

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1643
Bulletins - August 13, 2009

Death and consequences in Chechnya;
A future arena for Sino-Russian competition

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1641
Bulletins - August 5, 2009

An ultimatum from Ukraine;
The politicization of the Patriarchy

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1640
Bulletins - July 22, 2009

A kinder, gentler NGO policy;
Moscow plans counterweight to NATO

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 205
Bulletins - July 13, 2009

A War of Words between Baku and Tehran; Al Qaeda gets its day in (Saudi) Court; Turkey on a tightrope over Uighur crackdown; Authoritarianism gains steam in Eurasia; Another ideological body blow for the bin Laden network

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1639
Bulletins - July 7, 2009

Moscow, Minsk on the outs... over milk;
A new interest in Africa

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1638
Bulletins - July 2, 2009

A grim economic forecast;
A new tack toward the WTO

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1637
Bulletins - July 1, 2009

The North Caucasus tinderbox;
Moscow plans "unified defense space" in the Near Abroad

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1636
Bulletins - June 24, 2009

Reinforcing Russia's take on history;
Second thoughts in Abkhazia

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1635
Bulletins - June 16, 2009

Restarting START;
Second thoughts on Syria?

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1633
Bulletins - June 3, 2009

The Sino-Russian partnership hits a speed bump;
Kuril islands to remain a contested issue

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1632
Bulletins - June 1, 2009

Serdyukov cleans house;
Russia's grim demographic future

Karabakh: Is War Inevitable?
Articles - May 22, 2009

In a time of shooting wars, it is easy to lose sight of wars waiting to happen. This is dangerous, especially for a new US administration with an ample international agenda. Serious attention is required on Nagorno Karabakh, the simmering dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1628
Bulletins - April 27, 2009

Is Russian policy toward Chechnya changing?;
Tough love for Russia's oligarchs

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1627
Bulletins - April 17, 2009

Murmansk goes against the grain;
A security pact with Abkhazia, South Ossetia

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1623
Bulletins - March 16, 2009

Human rights council revived;
The CSTO comes of age

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1612
Bulletins - January 8, 2009