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US Should Forcefully Encourage Free Elections In Georgia
Articles - July 26, 2012

Freedom and democracy don't come easily to a land that's known precious little of it over time. Often, a nation overthrows an authoritarian government and replaces it with a democratically elected one, only to see the new government subvert the rule of law and impose a new authoritarianism.

Suu Kyi's Timely Reminder
Articles - June 20, 2012

Delivering her Nobel Lecture after a 21-year delay, Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi offered a timely reminder from the front lines of struggle.

“To be forgotten,” she said in her October 16th address in Oslo, “… is to die a little. It is to lose some of the links that anchor us to the rest of humanity. When I met Burmese migrant workers and refugees during my recent visit to Thailand, many cried out, ‘Don’t forget us!’ They meant: ‘Don’t forget our plight, don’t forget to do what you can to help us, don’t forget we also belong to your world.’

Karabakh: 'frozen' conflict nears melting point
Articles - May 14, 2012

Amid signs that Armenia and Azerbaijan may once more be edging towards armed conflict over the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, Wayne Merry argues that the West needs to act fast, rather than allow an old and fruitless mediation process to meander on.

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1770
Bulletins - March 26, 2012

Putin's vision for Russian foreign policy;

Moscow, Tbilisi head for a thaw
Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1766
Bulletins - February 28, 2012

 The fix is in for Yavlinsky;

A thaw between Moscow and Tokyo
Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1763
Bulletins - February 20, 2012

 Tensions simmer in Transdniester;

Russia's election chief under fire
Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1761
Bulletins - February 3, 2012

 Delayed state culpability in Dubrovka tragedy;

On his way out, Medvedev proffers reforms
Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1753
Bulletins - December 14, 2011

 Russia, the international lender?;

Finally, WTO membership within reach
Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1745
Bulletins - September 26, 2011

 Progress in Politkovskaya Case;

Rosneft, Exxon in major partnership deal
Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1743
Bulletins - August 31, 2011

Interior Ministry eyes new Internet curbs;
Putin and company: popular at home, but not abroad