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China's Investments in Sri Lanka
Articles - May 23, 2016

Last month, Sri Lanka officially lifted a hold on the Colombo Port City project, a $1.4 billion Chinese initiative to construct a "mini-city" atop reclaimed land at the country's capital. The project is the largest in Sri Lanka's history and falls under Beijing's One Belt, One Road and New Silk Road initiatives, which are designed in part to expand and secure China's trade routes throughout Asia.

China Reform Monitor - No. 1223
Bulletins - May 20, 2016

China's northeastern provinces face recession;
Malaysia deports dozens of Taiwanese hackers to China

China Reform Monitor - No. 1222
Bulletins - May 19, 2016

China denies U.S. carrier port call in Hong Kong;
Xi warns cadres about "ideological infringement"

China Reform Monitor - No. 1221
Bulletins - May 17, 2016

Death sentence gets tougher in China;
China wants to boost agricultural production

China Reform Monitor - No. 1220
Bulletins - May 5, 2016

China MoD creates new Overseas Action Department;
Beijing intends to turn China into a soccer powerhouse

China Reform Monitor - No. 1219
Bulletins - May 4, 2016

U.S. criticizes China's internet censorship;
Party leaders' offshore financial holdings exposed

China Reform Monitor - No. 1218
Bulletins - May 3, 2016

China and Gambia restore diplomatic ties;
Japan beefs up military presence around disputed islands

China Reform Monitor - No. 1217
Bulletins - April 13, 2016

Chinese agency promotes global electricity grid;
Chinese fishing vessels stir controversy in Malaysian waters

China Reform Monitor - No. 1216
Bulletins - April 12, 2016

China enmeshed in Zimbabwe politics;
Beijing pledges to implement DPRK sanctions

South Asia Security Monitor - No. 389
Bulletins - April 12, 2016

Saudi Arabia, India team up against terror;
U.S. concerned about PAK nuclear security;
Sri Lanka and India deepen ties;
China blocks ban of JeM chief;
Corruption in Afghanistan real threat