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China Reform Monitor - No. 1236
Bulletins - August 18, 2016

Growing presence of Chinese farmers in Russia's Far East;
CPC tightens grip over online news content

China Reform Monitor - No. 1235
Bulletins - August 17, 2016

Xi and Li split on economic reforms;
China arming multiple factions in Sudan conflict

Blowing Up America's Nuke Policy
Articles - August 16, 2016

President Barack Obama is considering making a "no first use" declaration regarding U.S. nuclear weapons. Under this framework, it would be the policy of the United States not to resort to using nuclear weapons in a potential crisis unless another country did first. This is widely seen as a legacy move in the final months of Obama's presidency, a way to cement his anti-nuclear reputation in history. 

China Reform Monitor - No. 1234
Bulletins - August 11, 2016

Thousands of African migrants flee Guangzhou;
Chinese outbound investment soars in 2016

China Reform Monitor - No. 1233
Bulletins - August 10, 2016

Chinese fishermen raise hackles off West Africa;
Xi stresses Party’s Marxist roots

China Reform Monitor - No. 1232
Bulletins - July 21, 2016

China witnesses major capital outflows;
Head of Cyberspace Administration unexpectedly replaced

China Reform Monitor - No. 1231
Bulletins - July 20, 2016

China to build 2 new nuclear reactors for Argentina;
Beijing eyes major expansion of wind power

China Reform Monitor - No. 1230
Bulletins - July 13, 2016

CCP threatens tighter regulations on media;
China’s first high-orbit imaging satellite operational


China Reform Monitor - No. 1229
Bulletins - July 12, 2016


Indonesia confronts Chinese fishing near Natunas;
Deal to bring Chinese high-speed rail to California nixed



Defense Technology Monitor - No. 6
Bulletins - July 6, 2016

China's answer to U.S. lasers;
European missile defense moves ahead;
Space assets and the fight against ISIS;
Another step forward for Iron Dome;
Railguns becoming a reality;
China takes aim with new missile