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China Reform Monitor - No. 702
Bulletins - July 4, 2008

U.S. concerned over Chinese space, missile policies; Degrees promised, diplomas granted

Responding to China in Africa
Policy Papers - June 30, 2008

American and Chinese interests in Africa are different, but not substantially so. There are more areas where the two countries can cooperate for the benefit of Africans than there are issues of disagreement and potential competition. During his visit to Africa early in 2008, President George Bush acknowledged that the United States and China could pursue opportunities in Africa without increasing rivalry. He commented that he does “not view Africa as zero-sum for China and the United States” and believes both countries “can pursue agendas without creating a great sense of competition.” A few months later during a conference at Howard University in Washington on China-Africa relations, Chinese Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong said that China appreciated President Bush’s statement, adding that China and the United States need not pursue in Africa a “confrontational, or harmful rivalry, or a zero-sum game.”

China Reform Monitor - No. 701
Bulletins - June 27, 2008


China-Zimbabwe Special Edition

China Reform Monitor - No. 700
Bulletins - June 26, 2008

A chill in the Sino-Russian arms trade; The door to Taiwan opens a crack further

China Reform Monitor - No. 699
Bulletins - June 18, 2008

Special Issue: a cross-Strait rapprochement

China Reform Monitor - No. 698
Bulletins - June 13, 2008

Nuke sites spared from Sichuan quake;
China and Russia united: no strike on Iran

China Reform Monitor - No. 697
Bulletins - June 6, 2008

Chinese hacking raises alarm in India;
Despite rapprochement, Taiwan seeks U.S. arms

China Reform Monitor - No. 696
Bulletins - June 5, 2008

China closes a door to Taipei at the WHO...;
... but leaves one open on earthquake aid

China Reform Monitor - No. 695
Bulletins - May 29, 2008

China naval base gives India jitters;
Tightening the noose for the Olympics

China Reform Monitor - No. 761
Bulletins - May 18, 2008

China-Russia trade collapses in first quarter; Light shines on Beijing's plans