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China Reform Monitor - No. 739
Bulletins - February 3, 2009

Talk of cross-Strait military cooperation spooks Pentagon;
CCP censors caught off guard during Obama's inaugural

China Reform Monitor - No. 738
Bulletins - February 1, 2009

U.S. report raises concern about China's "string of pearls";
Prominent CPC critic downplays Deng's reforms

China Reform Monitor - No. 737
Bulletins - January 22, 2009
China Reform Monitor - No. 736
Bulletins - January 21, 2009

China defensive about role in African arms trade;
PLA welcomes easing of cross-Strait tensions

China Reform Monitor - No. 735
Bulletins - January 16, 2009

Cross-Strait rapprochement extends to financial sector;
Beijing's appetite for U.S. T-bills may cool in 2009

China Reform Monitor - No. 734
Bulletins - January 14, 2009

First direct cross-Strait flights between China and Taiwan;
Moscow and Beijing in bid to reaffirm military partnership

China Reform Monitor - No. 733
Bulletins - January 8, 2009

"Serious operational glitches" in Chinese satellite bound for Caracas;
Jobless factory workers return home, find corruption and abuse

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1611
Bulletins - January 7, 2009

Russia's building boom collapses;
A chilly reception for the new "Solidarity"

China Reform Monitor - No. 732
Bulletins - January 2, 2009

"Floating population" of Chinese workers hit hard by crisis;
Chinese navy to join hunt for Somali pirates

Iran and the Bomb
Articles - January 1, 2009

Is Iran seeking nuclear weapons? For some, despite the mounting evidence, this is still very much an open question. Not, however, for Delpech, director of strategic affairs at the French Atomic Energy Commission and senior research fellow at the Center for International Studies in Paris. "[T]he quest for an atomic weapon is the only credible explanation" for the pattern of delay, secrecy, and obfuscation exhibited by Iran's ayatollahs over their nuclear effort, she writes.