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China Reform Monitor - No. 970
Bulletins - June 4, 2012

President Ma invites Wen Jiabao to Taiwan; 

Israel's military chief visits Beijing
China and Africa: A Century of Engagement
Books - June 2012
Iran Woos Bolivia For Influence In Latin America
Articles - May 21, 2012

One of the most dangerous places in the Western Hemisphere is the city of Warnes, Bolivia, which lies a few kilometers outside the country’s industrial capital of Santa Cruz. There, set back in an open field off a bustling highway, is the new regional defense school of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas, or ALBA—the eight-member economic and geopolitical bloc founded by Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Cuba’s Fidel Castro nearly a decade ago.

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 258
Bulletins - May 11, 2012

Syrian hackers attack Qatar and Saudi Arabia; Hamas and Islamic jihad elections; Israeli nuclear submarines to counter Iran; Tajikistan cracks down on Islamist groups

China Reform Monitor - No. 966
Bulletins - May 11, 2012

Ma reaffirms "Three Nos"; 

China and Russia hold joint large scale naval exercises
Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1778
Bulletins - May 8, 2012

U.S. Congress seeks human rights penalties on Russian officials;

Amnesty for at least some political prisoners
China Reform Monitor - No. 963
Bulletins - May 1, 2012

Three Gorges Dam could displace another 100,000; 

Chinese fishermen sentenced for attacking ROK Coast Guard
Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1777
Bulletins - April 30, 2012

An unlikely champion for Russia's opposition;

Kremlin jitters over post-Coalition Afghanistan
Missile Defense Briefing Report - No. 297
Bulletins - April 30, 2012

A step backward for North Korea; Potential Asian missile shield irks China...; ...As Seoul flirts with participation; Russian missiles in Kaliningrad?

Bold action in Syria now will save U.S. tons of grief in the Mideast later
Articles - April 26, 2012

As Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad continues his slaughter, the issue is not whether more forceful U.S. action to stop him is risk-free.

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