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Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1486
Bulletins - August 6, 2007

New missile moves from Moscow;
Welcome words on energy investment

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1485
Bulletins - August 3, 2007

Western human rights worries ahead of Russia's elections;
A tussle over the Arctic

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 154
Bulletins - July 17, 2007

Israel: Zero hour approaches; Curbing the virtue committee; Web fears in Damascus; Riyahd's duplicitous role; Al-Qaeda: Back in action...


Russia Shows the US the Central Asia Door
Articles - July 11, 2007

Defying all of its critics, the Bush administration may still be hanging tough in Iraq, but on another critical front of the 'War on Terror' – Central Asia – Washington appears to be in full strategic retreat.

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 153
Bulletins - July 2, 2007

A strategic reorientation in Israel; The Iranian hand in Iraq; A rising tide of conflict;

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 152
Bulletins - June 22, 2007

The rise of "Hamastan;" Saudi counterterrorism in the age of the internet; Turkey steps away from the ESDP; The Syrian-Iranian symbiosis...

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 151
Bulletins - June 5, 2007

Losing ground in Krgystan; Kazakhstan's king; Cairo's curious counterterrorism tactics; Security progress from Iran in Central Asia...

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 150
Bulletins - May 17, 2007

Turkey in turmoil; Palestinian radicalism goes global; A face-off in Cairo; Israel refocuses on ground forces...

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 149
Bulletins - May 7, 2007

Fatah resurgent?; A traitor in the ranks; A nuclear nightmare in the Caucasus; Reinforcements of for Al-Qaeda; A new vision of the Syrian military

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 148
Bulletins - April 23, 2007

Kazakhstan unviels new military strategy; Hamas' fractured future; Aliyev in the dock; Abu Dhabi and the demographic of decline...