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Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2250
Bulletins - September 11, 2018

Revealed: Russia's desired arms control agenda;
How Russian hacking imperils American security

Global Islamism Monitor - No. 53
Bulletins - July 18, 2018

Who's in charge in Syria?;
Kyrgyzstan's jihadis;
The Taliban-ISIS war heats up;
Five year on, a brighter Egyptian security picture

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2225
Bulletins - June 19, 2018

The perennial president;
Britain: a safe haven for Russian "dirty money"

Uzbekistan's President Goes To Washington
Articles - May 24, 2018

In official Washington, which is routinely awash in foreign dignitaries, it's all too easy to miss the comings and goings of world leaders. But even by the rather selective standards of the Beltway, last week's state visit of Uzbekistan's president, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, was noteworthy because it provided policymakers with an authoritative glimpse into the momentous changes now taking place in Central Asia.

The Long Game on the Silk Road: US and EU Strategy for Central Asia and the Caucasus
Books - March 2018

This book argues that American and European policies toward Central Asia and the Caucasus suffer from both conceptual and structural impediments.

China Reform Monitor - No. 1309
Bulletins - December 27, 2017

Beijing slaps new regulations on the practice of Buddhism;
China eyes new Central Asian rail link

America, EU, Japan: Time to Reunite Afghanistan With Central Asia
Articles - December 12, 2017

With respect to Afghanistan, the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea and the major international financial institutions are all caught in a time warp. Dating back a century and a half, this distortion today impedes Afghanistan's development as a normal country. No less, it helps isolate the other countries of Central Asia from a nearby major market, the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, and pushes the other countries of Central Asia into a one-sided relationship with their former imperial overlord, Russia. It's time to correct this long-standing mistake.

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 2166
Bulletins - November 28, 2017

Russia's media blacklist takes shape;
Another presidential contender rises... maybe

Toward A New Uzbekistan
Articles - November 22, 2017

You could call it "Extreme Makeover: Central Asian Edition." Today, among the five post-Soviet republics that make up the region, there are heartening signs of political dynamism and a newfound drive for integration.

At the center of these changes is the Republic of Uzbekistan, which has launched a far-reaching program to reform and modernize the state.

China Reform Monitor - No. 1302
Bulletins - October 6, 2017

A grassroots backlash against China’s Muslims;
The Chinese surveillance state

Global Islamism Monitor - No. 43
Bulletins - August 28, 2017

China's next Target: The Uyghur language;
Britain bars ISIS returnees...; Tajikistan tries a different tack;
The Islamic State's Russian orphans

Central Asia's Encouraging Development
Articles - August 8, 2017

Something is stirring across the vast expanse encompassing the Caucasus and Central Asia, an area of nearly 1.6 million square miles and more than 86 million people. Throughout the region, political momentum is gathering for deeper cooperation, engagement, and coordination.

Central Asia: All Together Now
Articles - June 16, 2017

After a quarter century of independence, the fragmentation of Central Asia is evident to all. A senior official there might justifiably complain about how each country "[is] pursuing its own limited objectives and dissipating its meager resources in the overlapping or even conflicting endeavors of sister states." He might conclude that such a process, "carries the seeds of weakness in [the countries'] incapacity for growth and their self-perpetuating dependence on the advanced, industrial nations." One can also imagine that another Central Asian official, seeking an alternative, might propose that "we must think not only of our national interests but posit them against regional interests: That is a new way of thinking about our problems."

Resource Security Watch - No. 1
Bulletins - March 1, 2017

China makes plans to lead the renewable energy market;
The decline of Central Asia's "Water Tower";
Changing rainfall patterns and water security in India;
The security impact of overfishing in Africa
Mongolia's urban blight

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 360
Bulletins - October 24, 2016

China invests in Tajik security;
Azerbaijan's oil riches go sour;
Uzbekistan's new diplomacy;
The CSTP eyes Syria;
Religion on the rise in Kazakhstan

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 359
Bulletins - August 24, 2016

Mixed demography in the post-Soviet space;
A Turkish-Azeri entente?;
Central Asia's surveillance states;
Russia's new Silk Road;
Jerusalem, Astana tighten ties

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 357
Bulletins - May 24, 2016

Tajikistan flexes its military muscle...;
...and steps up religious oversight;
Wargaming the fight against the Islamic State;
Fear and loathing in Astana

Global Islamism Monitor - No. 21
Bulletins - April 29, 2016

ISIS targets America...; coalition effort makes gains;
Afghanistan: Backward from peace;
The Islamic State's swelling Central Asian cohort

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 356
Bulletins - March 17, 2016

Corruption: Scourge of Central Asia;
A shrinking Russian footprint in Tajikistan;
Kazakhstan, speaking plainly
Kyrgyzstan tightens control over Islamic education

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 355
Bulletins - February 17, 2016

Iran's expanding Eurasian horizons;
In Turkmenistan, the constitutional fix is in;
Central Asia feels Russia's economic pain

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 355
Bulletins - January 17, 2016


Iran's expanding Eurasian horizons;
In Turkmenistan, the constitutional fix is in;
Central Asia feels Russia's economic pain;


Eurasia Security Watch - No. 343
Bulletins - July 31, 2015


Explosion kills 27 at southern Turkish border town;
France delivers fighter jets to Egypt;
ISIS uses chemical weapons against Kurdish forces;
Yemen death toll from rebel shelling nearly 100
U.S. warns Kyrgyzstan that strained ties threaten aid



Missile Defense Briefing Report - No. 320
Bulletins - January 17, 2014

Missiles in Kaliningrad raise tension with NATO;
An Israeli honor for an American missile defense champion;
Another step forward for Israeli defense

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 296
Bulletins - September 19, 2013

Egyptian government destroys tunnels, hurts the region and Hamas;
Al-Nusra a threat to Turkey;
$30 Billion in deals between China and Kazakhstan

The Dangers Of Neglecting Central Asia
Articles - April 16, 2013

Secretary of State John Kerry made news recently by referring to the venue of the latest nuclear talks with Iran as the fictional country of "Kyrzakhstan." That off-the-cuff comment was a telling indicator of the general lack of concern for Central Asia that prevails in official Washington.

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 283
Bulletins - April 5, 2013

Aqim sets sights on Tunisia;
Hamas to choose next leader;
Afghanistan, Tajikistan talk econ ties

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 275
Bulletins - January 9, 2013
Eurasia Security Watch - No. 267
Bulletins - October 16, 2012

Security Protocol Not Followed in Benghazi Attack;
Saudi Arabia Curbs Religious Powers;
Iran, Russia help Syria Move Chemical Weapons Stockpiles

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 266
Bulletins - September 26, 2012


U.S. and Russia in a new standoff
Articles - August 22, 2012

Tucked away in what is colloquially known as the “post-Soviet space,” the tiny, landlocked Central Asian republic of Tajikistan seems like an unlikely strategic prize. Yet a potentially significant geopolitical tug of war is brewing there between the United States and Russia. The stakes of this unfolding contest are high and involve continued Western access to Central Asia and, quite possibly, the political future of at least part of the region.

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 265
Bulletins - August 1, 2012

Israel weighs possible attack on Syria's chemical arsenal; U.S. hopes for new military base in Tajikistan...; ...while Russia simply hopes to remain; A way out for Assad; Sectarian violence surges in Iraq

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 264
Bulletins - July 24, 2012

Libya's Burgeoning Democracy; Blast kills high-level officials in Damascus; The PA receives $100 million from Saudi Arabia; Sinai risks becoming hotbed for extremists

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 262
Bulletins - July 3, 2012

Questions remain about Morsi's authority; Turkey contemplates options after Syria downs warplane; Where have all the Kyrgyz children gone; U.S., Israel to hold 'dress rehearsal' for potential military conflict with Iran

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 260
Bulletins - June 22, 2012

 Abbas' new ally; China's growing ties with Uzbekistan and other central Asian nations; Israel excluded from U.S. counterterrorism forum; The dissolution of Egypt's lower house; Erdogan: a modern-day sultan?

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 259
Bulletins - May 21, 2012

 Azerbaijan-Israel ties continue to grow; Who is poisoning Afghan school children?; Alleged Israeli spy executed in Iran; Where in the world is Mohammed Rashid?

China Reform Monitor - No. 964
Bulletins - May 3, 2012

PLA Daily takes aim at the Philippines; 

China takes interest in South Sudan pipeline
China Reform Monitor - No. 960
Bulletins - April 20, 2012

Major internet crackdown amid coup rumors; 

HK residents protest Beijing "interference" in elections
Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1769
Bulletins - March 19, 2012

 The coming decline of Russian oil;

More mobilization from the political opposition
Eurasia Security Watch - No. 255
Bulletins - March 9, 2012

 Saudi-Iraq embrace; Tajikistan feeling social media heat; Rare protest victory in Azerbaijan; Finding common ground on Iran

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 116
Bulletins - February 29, 2012

 Targeting dissidents abroad; A hint of moderation in Iran's penal code; A helping hand from Asia; More signs of regime infighting; A foiled Iranian plot in Azerbaijan?

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 254
Bulletins - February 28, 2012
Eurasia Security Watch - No. 253
Bulletins - February 24, 2012

 Israel Tests its Arrow Anti-Missile System; Turkmenistan's President "Wins" Another Term; Canadians Helping Qaddafi's Son to Mexico?; Blackouts in Gaza

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1765
Bulletins - February 22, 2012

 Shoring up Kyrgyz security;

Mideast meddling as electoral tactic
Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1746
Bulletins - September 29, 2011

 Russia's financial inroads into Eastern Europe;

Flying Russia's deadly skies
Central Asia's Energy Bazaar
Articles - January 27, 2011

Call it the Great Game, round three. The first such contest, famously chronicled by Rudyard Kipling, involved the 19th century struggle for dominance between the British and Russian empires over access to India and its lucrative trading routes. The second centered on the post-Soviet scramble for resources and influence in energy-rich Central Asia. Today, a third such round of geopolitical competition is emerging in South Asia, spurred by the vast energy potential of the post-Soviet space and the uncertain political disposition of Afghanistan.

Last month, this competition took a giant step forward when Afghan President Hamid Karzai met with the presidents of Turkmenistan and Pakistan, as well as with India's oil and gas minister, in the Turkmen capital of Ashgabat. The meeting netted an agreement to begin construction of a new natural gas route known as the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India pipeline in two years' time.

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 226
Bulletins - August 20, 2010

Israel and Lebanon clash at the border; Arming the Saudis; Terror title shifts to South Asia; IMU leader Yuldashev dead

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 225
Bulletins - July 29, 2010

Iron Dome ready in November; Saudi legal reform takes a step forward; Iran's hand in Iraq highlighted by U.S. general; France "at war" with AQIM; Turkey gives boost to Azeri enclave

Russia Reform Monitor - No. 1681
Bulletins - July 22, 2010

Back in the USSR;
Umarov: public enemy number one

Eurasia Security Watch - No. 224
Bulletins - July 15, 2010

Iraq seeks info on Iran nuke sites; Turkey beats back PKK, with U.S. help; AQAP tries its hand at western media, targets Yemen gov.; Tajikistan's lonely airbase

China Reform Monitor - No. 830
Bulletins - June 11, 2010

Number of female smokers, cancer patients skyrockets; Taiwan universities to accept mainland students for first time