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South Asia Security Monitor - No. 380
November 5, 2015

PAK PM Sharif visits Washington;
India wants to double defense exports;
India eyes S-400 Triumf air defence missile systems;
Sri Lanka attempts to repair relations with China;
UN: Taliban at its strongest in Afghanistan in 2001

South Asia Security Monitor - No. 379
October 28, 2015

Russian troops could be deployed to Afghan border;
Pakistan, Russia sign gas pipeline agreement;
India backs Philippines on South China Sea row;
Sri Lanka will welcome ships from all countries

South Asia Security Monitor - No. 378
October 20, 2015

China sends special envoy to Sri Lanka to mend ties;

Islamic state group training Russian-born fighters in Afghanistan;
Modi pushes 'obsolete' plane on reluctant military;
US Gen. in Afghanistan: Afghan Security Forces 'could potentially collapse';
Pakistan denies China provided armed drones
South Asia Security Monitor - No. 376
September 29, 2015

Iran-Bangladesh Foreign Ministers meet;
Pakistan's first use of armed drone;
'Pakistan has second nuclear strike capability';
Afghan Taliban says leadership dispute is resolved;
Sri Lanka military to get out of business

South Asia Security Monitor - No. 375
September 17, 2015

India-Australia first naval exercise;
Militants get ID cards in Pakistan for $100;
Pakistan allows Taliban to meet, choose leader;
ISIS threatens to kill Maldives president;
Pakistan says "almost all Uighur militants eliminated"

South Asia Security Monitor - No. 374
July 27, 2015

SSB blocks militant supply line at Bhutan border;
China to participate in India's fleet review;
India-Iran undersea gas pipeline eyed;
Modi to Silicon Valley in September;
Drone downed by Pakistan not Indian, but Chinese

South Asia Security Monitor - No. 373
July 20, 2015

India, Pak to join SCO;
U.S. drone strikes kill in IN leaders;
India to supply more power to Bangladesh;
Modi, Sharif meet after a year;
India abstains on UN HRC vote concerning Gaza

South Asia Security Monitor - No. 372
July 7, 2015

India ponders link between Chian and Northeast rebels;
Armed guards may be removed from commercial ships;
Burma's army blocks leader's bid for presidency;
Pak officer assisted Taliban in Kabul attack;
China blocks India bid to sanction Pak terrorist

South Asia Security Monitor - No. 371
June 30, 2015

Pakistan discloses secret Taliban talks;
Vietnam assigns first Ambassador to Bhutan;
Bhutan is Indian Army's next priority;
Taliban attacks Kabul Parliament building
Myanmar returns migrants to Bangladesh


South Asia Security Monitor - No. 370
June 16, 2015

Finally, a constitutional deal in Nepal;
ISIS and Taliban square off in Afghanistan;
India strikes militants across border in Myanmar;
China mining for rare earths in the Indian Ocean;
Carter in Delhi