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Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 126
October 29, 2012
Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 125
October 19, 2012

Ahmadinejad in the Crosshairs...; Protests Widen;
Subsidy Reform on Hold

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 124
October 9, 2012
Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 123
October 3, 2012

Currency Woes Hit Tehran;
Joblessness, Inflation Soar as Western Sanctions Bite

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 122
August 10, 2012

Deepening economic malaise at home...; ...and an energy lifeline in Asia

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 121
July 3, 2012

The logic behind the IRGC's expanding empire; Iran struggles with addiction; Iran bolsters naval capabilities...; ...As regional neighbors scramble to adapt; Iran's latest ploy to skirt sanctions

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 120
June 19, 2012

 Rezaee Rising?; The IRGC takes aim at churches; Iran builds new regional energy bonds; Iranian opposition condemns regime support for Syria; Cost of food staples surges

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 119
April 25, 2012

Iran combats mounting sanctions with cash payouts...; ...But domestic discontent continues to deepen; Iran ramps up its war on drugs; After the coalition, Iraqi insurgents focus on Iran; Iranian regime seeks help censoring the internet

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 118
March 26, 2012

National intranet inches closer to reality; New council to oversee cyberspace; A cyberattack on the BBC; A helping hand from China...; ...and new attention from the West

Iran Democracy Monitor - No. 117
March 9, 2012

 On press freedoms; On capital punishment; On free and fair elections; On the treatment of prisoners; On the treatment of ethnic and religious minorities