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Politico highlights AFPC's new book on "Cyber Insecurity"

October 21, 2016

SNEAK PREVIEW: NEW BOOK’S EXPERT RECOMMENDATIONS: A forthcoming tome penned by academics and industry will tackle a whole host of cybersecurity policy questions looking out over the next decade. Set for official rollout next week, the book, “Cyber Insecurity,” includes chapters from leading experts. In one, Jane Chong, a national security and law associate with the Hoover Institution, argues that proprietary software vendors should endure “modest” regulation, be subject to public reporting requirements on security measures and receive tax incentives. In another, Herb Lin of the Center for International Security and Cooperation and Taylor Grossman of Clark Street Associates call attention to the problem of “rife” overclassification within cybersecurity.


Other chapters deal with state and local responsibilities, training for security personnel in vulnerable components of critical digital infrastructure and prosecution of computer crimes. The book is edited by Richard Harrison, director of operations and defense technology programs at the American Foreign Policy Council, and Trey Herr, a fellow with the Belfer Center’s Cyber Security Project at the Harvard Kennedy School. Look for some of the book’s authors today at CyCon U.S.