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AFPC Hosts Ukraine
February 29, 2016

On February 29, First Deputy Speaker of the Rada (Ukraine’s parliament) Andriy Parubiy met with a small group of senior AFPC specialists on Ukraine and Russia led by former Under Secretary of State (and AFPC Advisory Board member) Robert Joseph and AFPC President Herman Pirchner, Jr. 

AFPC Hosts Dinner with Chinese Envoy to UN
April 28, 2014

On April 28, in a private room in New York City, AFPC hosted a small dinner for China’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Liu Jieyi. 

AFPC Hosts Ukrainian General in DC
Sponsored by AFPC , April 23, 2014

In cooperation with the Center for US-Ukrainian Relations, AFPC hosted an April 2014roundtable briefing featuring General Ihor Smeshko, former head of Ukraine’s security service and a past Defense Attaché of Ukraine to the U.S. 

AFPC Hosts Ukrainain Parliamentarians
Sponsored by AFPC , February 5, 2014

On February 4, the eve of revolutionary unrest in Ukraine, AFPC hosted a lunch for Mr. Oleh Medunytsya, a Member of the Ukrainian Rada (Parliament)and Vice Commander of the Euro-Maidan.

Turkish Scholars Learn About American Politics
Sponsored by AFPC , January 29, 2014

On January 28 AFPC was pleased to again play host to a delegation from Istanbul’s Bahcesehir University, one of Turkey’s most dynamic institutions of higher learning.

AFPC Hosts Central Asian Rumsfeld Fellows
October 15, 2013

On October 14, AFPC hosted a group of visiting fellows from Central Asia. The delegation, sponsored by the Rumsfeld Foundation, consisted of 10 fellows hailing from Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

Berman Examines Israel’s Security Environment
August 7, 2013

Between July 31 and August 6, 2013, AFPC Vice President Ilan Berman traveled to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel. While there, he met with Israeli officials, statesmen and defense specialists to discuss Israel’s changing security environment, the current state of Israeli foreign policy, and future strategic challenges facing the Jewish state.

AFPC’s Rich Harrison Joins Delegation to Israel
July 14, 2013

Between July 7 and July 13, AFPC Director of Operations and Defense Technology Programs Richard Harrison participated in a policy experts’ fact-finding delegation to Israel.

Amb. DobrIansky leads AFPC delegatIon to ChIna
Sponsored by AFPC , April 22, 2013

From April 14-21, AFPC sponsored a delegation to China led by former Under Secretary of State Paula Dobriansky (2001-2009). This trip marked the latest installment of an exchange program with the PRC that began in 1994.

Gen. Richard Myers Leads AFPC Delegation to China
Sponsored by AFPC , January 15, 2012

Between January 7-14, the American Foreign Policy Council (AFPC) sponsored an eight-person delegation to China led by Gen. Richard Myers, former Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff. 

North Korea Expert at AFPC
Sponsored by AFPC , December 16, 2011

On Thursday, December 15, AFPC hosted a roundtable discussion with Dr. Andrei Lankov, Professor at Kookmin University in Seoul. 

Former OMB Director Jim Miller Leads AFPC Economic Delegation to China
Sponsored by American Foreign Policy Council , November 13, 2011

From November 4-10, AFPC sponsored a delegation to China led by Dr. James (Jim) Miller, former Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

AFPC Hosts Dinner for CPC Vice Minister Liu
September 8, 2011

On  September 7, AFPC hosted a dinner in Washington, DC with a delegation from the International Department of the Central Committee of the CPC led by Vice Minister Liu Jieyi.

Field Research Finds Israel Grappling With New Security Environment
August 4, 2011

This summer, AFPC Vice President Ilan Berman and Kraemer Strategy Fellow Jeff M. Smith each conducted week-long research trips to Israel.

AFPC Hosts Indian Opposition Leader in DC
Sponsored by AFPC , June 23, 2011

On June 22, AFPC Kraemer Strategy Fellow Jeff M. Smith hosted Mr. Arun Jaitley, the leader of the opposition in India’s upper house of parliament (Rajya Sabha) for meetings on Capitol Hill.

Chinese Regional Head Visits Washington
Sponsored by American Foreign Policy Council , June 9, 2011

On June 8, AFPC hosted a senior political and economic delegation from China in Washington, DC. 

AFPC Delegation in Ufa
Sponsored by American Foreign Policy Council , December 28, 2010

Between December 19 and 24, an AFPC delegation visited the Russian regions of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan to conduct field research on Russia’s Muslim minority, confessional relations in the Russian heartland, and the rising threat of Islamic radicalism within the Russian Federation. The delegation – led by AFPC President Herman Pirchner and AFPC Vice President Ilan Berman – traveled to Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, and subsequently to Ufa, the capital of Bashkortostan and the spiritual seat of Russia’s Muslim community.

Senior AFPC Delegation in Russia
Sponsored by American Foreign Policy Council , December 20, 2010

As part of its two-decade tradition of organizing fact-finding missions to Russia, the American Foreign Policy Council (AFPC) sponsored a December 15-19 visit of senior American statesmen led by four former Under Secretaries of State: Paula Dobriansky, Robert Joseph, Richard McCormack and William Schneider.  Also joining the trip was former Assistant Secretary of Defense Mary Beth Long, as well as AFPC President  Herman Pirchner, Vice President Ilan Berman, and Senior Associate Wayne Merry.

AFPC Co-sponsors 11th Annual Ukrainian Roundtable
October 25, 2010

On October 20-21, the U.S-Ukraine Foundation held its annual Roundtable on Ukraine’s Quest for Mature Nation Statehood. As in previous years, AFPC served as a major sponsor of the even

Former National Security Advisor Leads Delegation to China
Sponsored by American Foreign Policy Council , June 8, 2010

From May 30 to June 5, AFPC hosted a delegation to China led by the Hon. Robert  McFarlane, former National Security Advisor (Reagan), and including; Ms. Michelle Van Cleave, former National Counterintelligence Executive; Mrs. Charlotte Ponticelli, former Deputy Undersecretary for International Affairs, U.S. Department of Labor; and the President of the American Foreign Policy Council, Herman Pirchner, J